Chairman & Managing Director’s Message

Chairman & Managing Director’s Message

I strongly believe that the mind frame of an individual sets his future path and destination to be travelled coupled with the goals. it is my personal experience that a well-set goal of an individual and continuous chase up thereof will definitely take an individual to a distinct destination. Therefore, one needs to have a bigger dream in order to be a distinguished human being. When I look way back, I see 3 major learnings from the journey that contributes to the rapid growth:

ü  Determination 

ü  Risk Appetite

ü  Work Ethics and Integrity 

As we all know that we are fast growing company which is evident from our growth bars during the last 3 years we have also stepped into new business eras like MDO, UG and Surface exploration besides acceleration in our mining business and we further intend to enlarge our footprint in all aforesaid areas in the time to come and keen to appear as benchmarked mining company on the Indian map. When we introspect our growth journey, we see that our quick alignment to the business requirement is the sole factor for growth which we need to not only retain but also further sharpen to meet our rapid growth requirement.

It goes without saying that strong organization and management structure have a pivotal role in the growth journey of any company and as such we have attempted the building up a strong organization in the recent past and placed the right management structure and we are further in the process of adding on the organization as per growth requirement of the company and building the performance culture through various external intervention.

 I believe that work ethics, environment and safety are the top pillars on which we can build a strong organization through our continued efforts. Our continuous efforts should be towards achieving zero harm to our workforce, and environment during the operation and as such I urge all my colleagues to consider the safety and environment being the top priority without which we cannot sustain our operations.        

I have always emphasized that “Do not limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What You believe, remember, you can achieve. “