Management Team

Management Team

Mr. Shashi Kant Khetan
Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Shashi Kant Khetan is the Chairman & Managing Director of the company. He is the founder and promoter of the company and an acclaimed visionary in the field of integrated infrastructure and mining. His leadership qualities, dynamic approach and innovative ideas has projected the company to new heights. He is backed by 28 years of entrepreneurial experience in the execution of varied projects. His vision diversified the business in various fields like infrastructure development (mega highways six lane, residential complex, railway construction, irrigation construction), mining, hospitality, education, manufacturing activities (hume pipes, crushing & concrete plant, paver plant etc.). He has been pivotal in setting up the group strategy for current operations as well as for future expansion and is an expert at maintaining corporate relationships to nurture mutual fiscal and social benefit. Apart from his business Interest, he actively participated in various NGO activities in the social and health sectors besides setting up schools to impart quality education.

Mrs. Babita Khetan 

Mrs. Babita Khetan is the dynamic driving force behind the tremendous growth of the S. K. Khetan Group. She sets the pace for the moral and ethical fibre that binds the Group. Her concern for safety, quality and reliability instills discipline among the group employees. Corporate social responsibility is her forte and she touches new benchmarks in the realm of social upliftment.

Mr. Mayank Khetan 
CEO & Whole Time Director

Mr. Mayank Khetan is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. After successful completion of his graduation in Civil Engineering from Nirma University, Ahmedabad (Gujarat), he joined the group and looks after all the mega projects. He is dynamic, innovative and multitalented with a firm resolve to incorporate automation and modern technology in ongoing projects. Because of his diligence and dedication, Mayank brought about a directional change in the group which has transformed it into one of the leading mining and infrastructure development companies in Rajasthan. His specialization and vision has been instrumental in creating a footprint for the company at Hindustan Zinc Limited with mega development and highest production of ore. Under his able stewardship the company has delivered quality civil work to include the mega highway six lane project (Udaipur bypass)

With his professional acumen and leadership qualities, he foresees S. K. Khetan group as a nationwide leading infrastructure development and mining company based on the momentum it has achieved in a brief span after he joined the group.

Mrs. Vaishali Khetan 

Mrs. Vaishali Khetan is a Chartered Accountant, She is the CFO of the company and looks after all commercial affairs of the group. Her dynamism steers the company in their commercial quest for corporate excellence. Her multiskills helped the group to reach new heights in the field of corporate affairs and finance, procurement, logistics, taxation and information technology. Her talent best manifests in her pro- active stance anticipating problems, foreseeing trends and rendering timely solutions. Smooth transition during mid-course correction are her forte and this greatly enhances the professionalism of the group in addition to inspiring the team.

With her professional acumen and business passion she has steered the group to achieve the best standards in marketing and quality. Besides her sterling contribution as the CFO Mrs. Vaishali has taken over the entire mining opertions of the company, her handling of subterranean challenges projected the company to carve a new niche in the world of mining, her style of leadership and flexible approach ensures her omni presence with solutions for every problem in the wide and varied deployment of operational resources.

Mrs. Saloni Khetan
Director (HR & IT)

Mrs. Saloni Khetan, Director (HR & IT) is a B.Tech in Computer Science. She started her career with WIPRO and worked for very short stint of time and worked on project based programming for International Business.
Saloni Joined the Group in 2020 and for her passion to work in HR, she has been entrusted with the responsibility of leading HR & IT sectors of the Group. She is in the process of setting up right organization for various verticals of the Group and has initiated for upgrading policy to introduce best HR practices & IT automation. She is working on recruitment of right talent & retention strategy, growth plan of the employee, upgrading the competency level through various L&D initiatives.

Key Professionals

Mr. S.M.Sharma 
Director (Strategic Planning)

Mr. S.M. Sharma is a Director of Strategic Management and Planning with rich industrial experience of over 35 years. Starting his carrier as a business analyst he rose to the position of CFO of Mines and Smelters of HZL (a unit of Vedanta Limited). As head of corporate PMO in HZL, he was responsible for performance Management of Mines and Smelters and led a team of McKinsey and Accenture in driving the volume, commercial, and high- value indicatives. Mr. Sharma now steers the business growth of the Khetan group of companies.

Mr. H.P. Kalawat 
Director (Mining Operations)

Mr. H.P. Kalawat is Director of Mining Operations and has over 35 years of experience in underground mechanized mines possessing a First Class Mines Manager Certificate of Competency. He has driven the operations of various underground mechanized mines of HZL from the front and had a key role in setting the best safety and operational practices. He has also playing a key role in the digitalization of mines operation, process efficiency etc.

Mr. H.C.Mathur 
Vice President (Civil)

Mr. H.C. Mathur is BE in Civil Engineering and has professional experience of over 39 years. During major part of his professional journey, he has worked with Hindustan Zinc Limited and was involved in execution of vital industrial infrastructure designing & construction. His areas of specialization include designing, construction & land acquisition for Hydro & Wind Energy Power projects and Earthen Dams; designing, construction, strengthening & concreting of tunnels, designing & construction of residential & industrial buildings and roads. He also carries an experience of tendering, evaluation & award of contract for major infrastructure. He is with the group for last 3 years & looking after all civil contracts.

Mr. S.B.Bhatnagar
Consultant (Geology & Exploration)

Mr. S.B. Bhatnagar is M. Sc Tech (Applied Geology) and has more than 41 years of experience as a professional Geologist and has worked in different capacities dealing with exploration, mining & quality control and regulatory compliance for premier base metal industries. During his major part of the service span, he worked with Hindustan Zinc Limited and held positions of Head of exploration & quality control at different mines of HZL. His areas of specialization include planning, management & execution of surface & underground exploration and interpretation of exploration data using latest software. Knowledge & practicing of mineral laws for preparation of statutory documents pertaining to grant & management of mining licenses has been his work area of specialization. He is with the Group for last one year as a consultant and looking after technical projects.

Ujjwal Zade
Project Manager at Zawar Mines, HZL

Mr Ujjwal Zade is a mining professional with over 25 years of experience in the mining industry.He heads our maiden mining venture at Zawar.His vast knowledge and experience ensures a steadfast performance and unhindered mining operations.Mr Zade is well versed in all aspects of mining and demonstrates commendable leadership involving himself at all stages from planning to execution.

Sanjay Kumar
Project Manager at Khetri Mines, HCL

Mr Sanjay Kumar is our Mechanical engineering head at Khetri and has over 24 years experience after acquiring his degree. His dynamism in optimal utilisation of resources under the MDO model is critical to mining operations at Khetri. Monitoring, repair and recovery are crucial areas wherein his meticulous planning and deployment of available resources ensures uninterrupted mining operations.

Bhavin Bhatt
Project Head at Kayad Mines, HZL

Mr. Bhavin Bhatt being a mining engineer with over 9 years of experience, commands the operations at Kayad underground operations is a flagship mine. He is a young header and brings the Underground operations with full efficiency.

GS Rathore
Liasioning Officer

GS Rathore is M.Sc Tech (Applied Geology) and has more than 33 years of experience as a professional Geologist. During major part of his professional journey, he has worked with Hindustan Zinc Limited in different capacities dealing with exploration (both underground and surface), mining & quality control at different mines of HZL and regulatory compliance. His areas of specialization include planning, management & execution of surface & underground exploration and interpretation of exploration data using latest softwares. His area of specialization are exploration and mine geologist. He is with the Group for last one and half year as a consultant & looking after technical evaluation of projects.