Coal, Lime, Fly ash, Red Ochre  & Calcine transportation to mining & cement  industries

Owned Material Handling Equipment

15 Bulkers

10 Trailers

20 Tippers

Present Handling

Lime transportation from Ranchi (Jodhpur) to Rajpura Dariba Mine (HZL)

Fly ash transportation from Chanderia Pb-Zn Smelter (HZL) to Rampura Agucha mines (HZL)

Calcine transportation  from Rajpura Dariba Mines (HZL) to Chanderia Pb-Zn Smelter (HZL)

Red Ochre transportation to Wonder Cement & Lafarge Cement Industry

Coal transportation from Chanderia Pb-Zn smelter (HZL) to Zawar Mines (HZL)

Limestone internal transportation at Ultra Tech Cement Industries